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Published on January 9, 2019, by in Uncategorized.

Two pieces of rattan through the herribone connecting with the calf attachment—inner pocket, cover and hanging belt, made sure the structure of the bag steady, better for holding. The new style especially showed its brief appearance dependind on its buckle. Write SWIFT TOOLBOX, it was convenience for carrying, it would become your fashion choose at the time you content with its price. One side of the hanging belt could be removed, achieved two kinds of different method for carrying. 2. The yellow zone which was surrounded by mysterious breath was showing the HERMES 2011years spring summer leather bags series. It could be considerd a real picnic basket. It was light and good-looking design.

Nowmatte for daily use or party, it was your best choose. Chaîne d’ancre introduce the buckle to the leather territory, suddenly it became a slim buckle. Rotating hooks, metal plate, spring hook, lock and key buckles gives purse relaxed and agile urban appearance. Certainly, there were ROULIS bags could not be missed. Did you think it was so familiar? Yes, it was the same series with the COUNTRY KELLY bags. This kind were made of soft calf, in addition with the flexible hangging belt, facilitating for hand carrying or shoulder carrying. Own the mini bags feeling, not only introduced the essence of HERMES, but also had the practical value of oversized treasure chest.Recently, the France top handicraft brand HERMES held a media appreciation activities for 2011 spring summer new items.

It was used two kinds of traditional technique to make the COUTRY KELLY BAG: basket and leather making, grace and succinct, giving people a surprise. Bring us into the spring season belong to HERMES, skipping winer and vitality release. There were several kinds of the series for choosing. 1. HERMES combine the eternal pursuit of exquisite craft and inspiration of contemporary design, used of the significant and attractive new items tell us the theme of 2011 years — “The contemporary crafts master”. The floating white, bouncing green, elegant yellow, frank red, the hodiernal art museum, which were rendering under the profusion color, forged the kingdom full of child’s taste. Novel Chane d’ancre series buckle, introduced a bit frank character. 3. The KELLY PICNIC BAG was made of rattan and calf, relaxing and leisure style, arouse people endless associate Spring machine price Suppliers of the early spring season and suburban picnic.